Integrity and Reputation





Founded in 1992, Nationwide Parking Services manages parking operations at some of the major parking operations throughout North America.  Our team is experienced in all types of parking and transportation operations including: airport, municipal, university, hospital, commercial, valet and large event.  Our team is currently involved with one of the largest airport shuttle operations in the Country.  


Nationwide Parking Services understands the crucial role on-site management plays in making the many day to day decisions which directly, immediately and sometimes dramatically impact customer service, employee performance, responsiveness to the clients and accountability for revenues.  Based on our strong experience in parking facility management, Nationwide Parking is ready to provide an experienced, knowledgeable, management staff that is competent and confident enough to make the critical front line" decisions that regularly arise.  We provide continuous support to make certain that the client's interests are being protected and promoted.  Our on-site General Manager is always someone with considerable experience in the management of active parking facilities and is well versed in issues related to revenue control.

​Nationwide is unique among its peers, giving our clients a true advantage and making Nationwide the clear choice:

-As a 100% minority owned company, Nationwide fully supports diversity of its workforce in terms of opportunities for minorities and women;

​-Our size enhances our ability to react quickly to changing business conditions;

-Outstanding customer service and satisfaction is our primary focus;

-Fully trained, uniformed employees are a requirement;

​-We seek to become full partners with the client management team to facilitate communications and attention to client needs.